Get Outside!

Now, one of the first things that I had to do to break the cycle of depression, hospital stays, self-harming actions…you get the point! I had to get outside and go and do something. Be that of just a simple walk in the park or going to get a cup of coffee. Now I know that (i going to say at least 65% of people) that have been living with Mental Illness for a few years it has kind of turned you into an introvert and you don’t want to do deal with people on any kind of plain. Now I am not saying you jump and go out and join every activity group you can and go out and make ten new friends a day. You get out of your house, feel the sun on your face, feel the breeze wisp through your hair, move around. I guarantee you you will feel better immediately. And again I am not telling you it a going to cure you right away but it will get you started out of your rut that you are in right now. It changes up you daily routine. Then you start putting it in your daily routine. After you have been doing it slow for a month or two start meeting up with friends again or something social that keeps you out of your locked up dungeon of a house and keeping you down. And you have to be out in the sun to get the Vitamin D that you definitely need. And i know you can get everything delivered to your house today with just a touch of your phone. But just put the phone down and walk. The goal here is to stay out of your comfort zone and become more social to where that becomes your comfort zone. Now, I am not saying your house is all that bad (I love coming home after a day and chillin out or having a BBQ) as long as you don’t use it to hide away from people or your problems! 

So, just start out slow and don’t over do it right away. Because, if you do you are going to have a ton of anxiety, you are going to get scared, you are going to fall into a deeper depression and we all know whaere it goes from there!


Mindfulness about MentalHealth

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I would like to express to those that do not know a lot about Mental Disabilities be mindful about them. You don’t have to know a lot about them to be mindful of people with them. Because, the moment you are mindful of people with Mental Disabilities it could change their whole outlook on life and in-turn make their whole life much more positive and happy or that’s when they decide not to commit suicide or a self-harming act. So, I am going to keep this short and sweet…Having a Mental Disability doesn’t mean you are a bad terrible person that is out to hurt everyone. It just means we struggle just a little bit more to deal with day to day life…so again I ask you please be Mindful!