Mindfulness Corner

Hello there…I am Chad! I am a 40 year old man that has been dealing with Schizoaffective Disorder since the young age of 13. Now, a lot of you have no clue what that is…well I have Schizophrenia Disorder along with Bipolor Manic Type. Now let me tell you i had it hard growing up because I could never quite explain myself to anybody about what is going on and what was wrong with me. I have self-medicated for a number of years. Then when I stopped self-medicating I spent about 5 to 7 months a year in psych ward in hospitals up till about 2 years ago. I couldn’t keep a steady job. So in turn i hard no money to pay bills. So I never had a stable home and have been homeless a few times in my life. 

But, all that changed about 2 years ago. I was committed to a hospital by the name of Fort Logan. I was so bad off i was trying to kill myself even while I was in the hospital. Then I got a very invasive procedure call “Electro Convulsive Therapy or ECT”. But it wasn’t just the ECT that turned me around it was also the therapy iwas in and the medication they had found works very well with my body and my brain. But, I took it a step further and cleaned up all aspects of my life. Now, I have a wonderful job that I love to, a great and stable place to live, a loving girlfriend and very supportive friends…And after the time that i have had to to restructure my life and actually find myself and who I really am I am here to share that with everyone even if you don’t have a Mental Disability about how you can go from nothing messed up don’t know you ass**** from a hole in the ground and how you can pull yourself out of it in not that long of a time if you are willing to listen, take and heed some advice from a person who has been there! 

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